Guaranteed Payday Loans For Bad Credit Direct Lenders

Are you looking for guaranteed payday loans for bad credit direct lenders? Do you need cash to meet emergencies that arrive without any prior notice?

You can either borrow money from family and friends or payday lenders in a tight financial situation. We have a network of trusted payday direct lenders. We are here to grant you loans easily without spending much time and effort.

Even if you have a poor credit history, no worries; you can apply with poor credit ratings. But how? and why? Dwell deep in the article and clear all your queries regarding payday loans for bad credit and their guaranteed approval.

Do Guaranteed Approval Loans for Bad Credit Exist

The answer is partial “Yes.” Firstly, No one can guarantee 100% loan approval, and neither do we. Our direct lenders do not conduct hard credit inquiries, but they do check your repayment capacities. If you couldn’t fulfil the below eligibility criteria, we are afraid you won’t be approved for the loan.

Guaranteed Payday Loans For Bad Credit Direct Lenders

But we won’t stop you from applying. Millions of people do get loan approval even with a bad credit score. So don’t wait or think more and apply today.

What are guaranteed payday loans for bad credit direct lenders

Before dwelling deep into the article, let’s first understand basic definitions of technical terms.

Payday Loans

A payday loan is a short term unsecured cash advance to overcome short term emergencies. These are usually borrowed for the date till your next paycheck. Such loans are generally taken for 2 to 4 weeks, and you need to pay the whole lump sum on the date of maturity.

A payday loan is a border term that comes with online payday loans, cash advances, instant payday loans, easy loans, quick loans, fast loans, etc.

Bad Credit

Many people are reluctant to apply for loans when they have bad credit scores. Similarly, many lenders are unwilling to lend loans when counter a borrower with bad credit. Lenders usually perform hard credit inquiries in which they minutely consider every aspect of your credit score.

However, some lenders are the least considerate of credit ratings. This doesn’t mean they ignore it but give minor importance to it. Such lenders offer bad credit loans or payday loans for poor credit ratings. Payday loans with bad credit are also known as bad credit loans.

Direct Lenders & Brokers

Now, who are direct lenders? Usually, you have two options for a payday loan: you can visit a lender personally or use third-party lenders or brokers to borrow money.

Mainly brokers have a trusted pool of direct lenders. Brokers also save your time because if you are separately applying with each lender, then there are chances of your application rejection. Needless to how much time you have invested, all efforts would be wasted.

However, a third-party lender can help you approve your loan with 1 application in 1 business day.

How do Guaranteed Approval Payday Loans Work?

If you are applying through us, keep in mind our process is 100% online. You need to follow a simple procedure which won’t take more than 10 minutes.

Submit loan application

Click APPLY FOR QUICK CASH LOANS or a GREEN Button below to kickstart the loan application process. The form contains 3 steps of verification. Fill in your details carefully and accurately. Any misrepresentation and your form will be rejected.

Some of the essential documents and details you will be required during application are:

  1. Social Security Number
  2. Home and email address
  3. Phone number
  4. Bank account number
  5. Income details

Wait for loan approval

it for loan approval

Once you have submitted the form, now wait. We will take your form to a pool of direct payday loan lenders, one of whom will then approve your application. After approval, the lender will send you a loan agreement containing details as:

  1. Loan amount
  2. Loan fee
  3. Loan maturity date
  4. Annual Percentage rate, etc.

Receive quick cash

Once you and the lender agree to each term and condition, the lender will directly transfer money into your bank account. However, you can only withdraw once your cash is cleared from your financial institution.

Repay the Loan

If you take a loan, you need to pay it on time. As far as payday loans are concerned, you need to repay the whole lump sum together at the maturity date. In any case, if you cannot repay the loan, most probably, it will be extended for a further period with an additional fee depending upon your agreement with the lender and the laws of your state.

We always suggest repaying the loan on time because the lender may send your information to credit reporting bureaus for too many accumulated debts.

Eligibility for Payday Loans with Bad Credit

Our direct lenders have set specific criteria to qualify for the payday loan. Some of these points are:

  1. US citizen
  2. 18 above
  3. Steady income of $1000
  4. Checking bank account
  5. Non military personnel

If you match all the above criteria, apply without wasting a single moment. You will get approval in one business day.

Important points before taking a loan

Keep these essential points in your mind to save yourself from any burden in the last days of loan maturity.

  1. You can take payday from $100 to $2500. but don’t take a payday loan more than the amount you need.
  2. Estimate an entire loan amount before taking a loan.
  3. The amount for bad credit loans changes with different states. Take a quick view of your state’s rules before applying for the loan.
  4. Must read every term on the contract. If you don’t understand anything, ask the lender.

How to Augment your Chances of Approval

Follow these simple steps to increase your chances of approval.

  1. Apply with brokers or third party lenders to augment chances of approval
  2. Do not misrepresent any information. Be accurate.

Types of personal loans for bad credit with guaranteed approval

Personal loans are a border term encompassing many short term and medium-term loans. A payday loan is also a part of it. Some other loans besides payday are discussed below.

Personal Installment Loans

Personal installment loans are similar to payday loans. However, these are to be paid in monthly or weekly payments to lessen your burden of one-time payments. No hard credit check is required in installment loans.

Cash Advances from Union

Many people take loans from credit unions. These are non-profit organizations helping their members to receive loans at lower interest rates. No credit check is required. However, you need to be a member of these union organizations.

Car Title loans

A car title loan is a part of a Secured Loan. Secured loans require collateral to keep with the lender. You need to keep your car as collateral with the lender in-car title loans. Though you can use the car until your loan’s maturity, the lender will repossess your car if you cannot pay the loan.

Pawn shop Loans

Pawn shops loans are also secured loans. In such loans, you will get the loan amount that correlates to the collateral you are keeping with the lender. This also requires most minor credit checking.

Advantages of Online Payday Loans

Fast Application

Advantages of Online Payday Loans

Traditionally, a borrower had to apply separately with every lender. However, now digital technologies have changed the pace. Now you don’t need to visit lenders. Just sit comfortably in your armchair and apply with the online application.

Faxless Process

Previously, many had to move each other houses for fax machines while taking loans but our loans are faxless. Just click pictures from your device and upload them on the form.

Instant Approval

With the online platform, you can get approval in less than 1 business day if you apply through brokers. Our process is simple. People can even apply at weekends and get approval in hours.

Payday loan without Involvement of the third party

Are you thinking to apply for a loan separately with each lender? There is no harm in using to separate lender; however, what will you do if the lender rejects your application? How will you react to it? Or what happens when the lender is a fraud or has many hidden fees revealed after taking a loan.

So, to save your time and energy, we would suggest you take a better stance, i.e. third party lenders or brokers. Through us, you can get guaranteed approval in a business day with 1 application without any hidden fee because all our lenders are 100% TRUSTED.



If you are stuck in an emergency and looking for bad credit payday loans, we are here to help you. Our direct and trusted lenders understand your immediate financial needs and can grant you loans with a poor credit score.

Do not hesitate from applying. Just click the application form; start your 3 step process, and submit it. You will be heard from us as soon as 1 business day.